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Lake City, FL 32025-8703
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At a Glance

FGC offers 70+ programs of study, with 20 delivered fully online. Programs range from one semester certificates that lead to employment to the AA for university transfer, as well as bachelor programs. FGC offers diverse CTE programs in health sciences, industry, public safety, computer science, education and more. Our faculty and academic resources are exceptional, utilizing the latest technology and learning resources. We offer affordable tuition rates, financial aid resources, flexible course offerings, small class sizes and 24/7 tutoring access. Students can live on campus, and access free child care at FGC's Little Wolves Child Care Center. Go further together at FGC!

Florida Gateway College (FGC) is a Public institution located in the North region of Florida. FGC has Regional Accreditation .

The main campus in Lake City, FL has a Rural feeling. 1% of students take advantage of the On-Campus Housing.

Florida Gateway College offers programs that lead to the following types of degrees:

  • Associate (2 yr.)
  • Bachelor's (4 yr.)
  • Certificate
Highest Enrollment Programs
  • AA-Liberal Arts & Sciences (pre-major)
  • AS-Registered Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Associate in Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, Birth through Age 4
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Student Body (as of Fall 2022)

Enrollment Status
Enrollment Status
Enrollment Type Number of Students
Full Time 960
Part Time 1804

Part-time students outnumber full-time students (1.88:1) at Florida Gateway College.

Ethnicity Percentage of Students
American Indian/Alaska Native 0.00
Asian 1.27
Black/African American 15.59
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.00
Hispanic/Latino 7.56
White/Caucasian 72.76
Other/Unknown 2.82

The most common ethnicity is White/Caucasian (72.8%) followed by Black/African American (15.6%.)

Gender Percentage of Students
Female 66.00
Male 34.00

At 66%, female students outnumber male students by a very significant margin. Percentages are based on "as reported" values.

Additional Information

The student body of FGC is comprised of a multicultural community of diverse racial, ethnic, socioeconomic backgrounds, national origins, religious and political beliefs, physical abilities, ages, genders, and sexual orientation.  Educational opportunities and activities, as well as everyday interactions are enriched by the unique, irreplaceable and intrinsic value that each individual student possesses.

Enrollment Stats
Total Students: 2,764
Undergraduate Students: 2,764
Graduate Students: 0
Average Student Age: 25
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Costs and Financial Aid (as of Fall 2023)

Florida Gateway College, along with the Foundation Office, provides over $600,000 in scholarship funding each year to help assist students with tuition and book costs.
Credit Hours
for Full-Time
In-State Tuition
per Credit Hour
Out-Of-State Tuition
per Credit Hour
Bright Futures
Additional Information

We're pleased that you are considering Florida Gateway College! If you are seeking financial aid, be sure to file your FAFSA application at https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa. The new application opens on October 1st of each year.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will also determine eligibility for state grants and scholarships, but all students are encouraged to apply for our Foundation scholarships at https://www.fgc.edu/admissions-information/tuition-financial-aid/

Estimated Full-Time Costs
Estimated Full-Time Costs
Category Cost
Full-Time Tuition 3100.00
Books and Supplies 1271.00
Housing Costs 10755.00

The total estimated full time costs of $15,126.00 consists of $3,100.00 for Tuition, $1,271.00 for Books and Supplies, and $10,755.00 for Housing.

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Admissions (as of 2023)

FGC offers free admission applications and accepts them year-round. The process can be done fully online, or we have events throughout the year to provided one-on-one assistance.
Freshman Applicants
Application Fee
Tuition Deposit
Average GPA
for Merit Scholarship
Admissions Policy
Florida Gateway College follows an Open Admissions policy. Test scores and/or GPA are not factors in the admissions decision. A high school diploma or GED certificate is required.
Transfer Policies

FGC's policies related to transfer credit are found in the College Catalog at the following link: Transfer Credit

Admission Notification Plan
Official Acceptance Letter
Additional Information

FGC offers open-access admission, which means we're committed to helping every potential student access our academic programs and services.  Applications are accepted year-round, but we recommend you start the process early to ensure you have time to provide all necessary documents, so that you can ultimately enroll in the classes you need.

We’ve organized the steps to enrollment based on the type of student you are. Although the enrollment steps vary based on student type, the admissions process is simple for every student. To find your enrollment steps, visit https://www.fgc.edu/admissions-information/

Application Deadlines
Academic Period Admissions Deadline Financial Aid Deadline
2023 Fall 07/13/2023 07/13/2023
2024 Spring 11/13/2023 11/13/2023
2024 Summer 04/08/2024 04/08/2024
Additional Deadlines Information

Please review the academic calendar at www.fgc.edu for important dates and deadlines.  To ensure funding of tuition and fees at the beginning of the term, application for financial aid should be initiated 30 to 45 days prior to the published date.  Additional documentation may be required.  Check with the Financial Aid office.

Admissions URL
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Distance Learning (as of 2022)

Enrollment Procedures

Distance learning students attending the college for the first time must speak to an advisor before enrolling in a course. Once the student completes the initial advising appointment enrollment can be completed through the college website.

Distance Learning Fees

There may be additional charges associated with a distance learning course. Please see the class schedule for fees associated with each course.

Additional Information

Florida Gateway College is committed to providing its students with high quality distance learning opportunities. At FGC, the distance learning faculty and support staff work to ensure that all distance-delivered instruction is academically challenging, engaging, and of the same superior quality as received in the classroom.

Most Notable Programs
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Water Resources Management
  • Associate in Science in Early Childhood Education
  • Associate in Science in Business Administration
Explore Programs
Distance Learning Courses

Florida Gateway College publishes Distance Learning courses on the FloridaShines Course Catalog. Students enrolled in other Florida public institutions can start registration as transient students directly from the catalog.

Explore Courses 
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Main Campus
149 SE College Place
Lake City, FL  32025-8703
(386) 752-1822
Dixie County Service Center
Cross City, FL  32628
(386) 498-0190
Gilchrist County Service Center
Bell, FL  32619
(386) 463-0073
Public Service Training Center
Olustee, FL  32072
(386) 754-4300
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    Delivery Method
    Limited Enrollment
    Yes No
    More Info:
    Click Here

Please contact our Olustee Center for more information about these programs and to talk directly to Program Coordinators.  Call (386) 754-4347 for more information.

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Campus Life (as of 2022)

FGC is home to an 18,750 sq ft Student Center nicknamed, "The Hall". The Hall houses rec equipment, lounge area, and computer gaming area. All free with current FGC ID card.
Greek Academic Organizations
Greek Fraternities
Greek Sororities
Social Fraternities
Social Sororities
Academic Honor Societies
Professional Associations
Marching Band
Special Interest Clubs / Organizations
Symphony Orchestra
Student Government Association
On-Campus Housing Options
Female Only
Male Only
Florida Gateway College offers Co-Ed housing but not Female Only or Male Only housing. 1.00% of students live on campus.
On-Campus Services
Fitness Services
Child Care Services
Medical Services
Florida Gateway College offers Fitness services but not Child Care or Medical services.
Additional Information

The Student Life Office enhances the overall educational experience of students through the development of, exposure to, and participation in programs and activities that improve student cooperation and leadership while preparing students to be responsible advocates and complete their respective academic programs. Fall of 2022, FGC will be open a new 3,456 sq ft fitness center free for our students to use. 

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Florida Gateway College currently offers Women's Cross Country, Men's Cross Country, Men's Basketball, Women's Flag Football, Women's Softball, Coed Esports and Coed Cheerleading.  
Intercollegiate Sports
Sport Men's Team Women's Team
Scholarships Available
Cross Country
Women's Flag Football
Additional Information

The mission of Florida Gateway College Athletic Department is to provide student-athletes with the highest quality educational opportunities, resources, services and facilities needed to achieve academic and athletic excellence while adhering to both NJCAA, NJCAAE and FCSAA guidelines.

Team Identity
“Florida Gateway Timberwolves”
Florida Gateway College competes as part of the following organizations:
  • NJCAA Division II
  • Region 8
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Returning Students (as of 2022)

You are a returning/readmit student if you applied to FGC one or more years ago and you have not completed courses in the past year. We hope to have you back!
Admissions/Re-Admissions Instructions
Apply online at www.fgc.edu – Apply Now. Transcripts provided during your previous enrollment process will not be needed again. Submit your official high school transcript and transcripts for all colleges attended if not previously provided.
Financial Aid
Students should complete an updated FAFSA as early as possible. For more information regarding important dates and deadlines, please visit the college website at www.fgc.edu.
Additional Information
Students seeking re-admission to FGC are encouraged to begin the application process early. Attend one of our One-Stop Enrollment events to complete the process in one day. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact enroll@fgc.edu. We're glad to have you back!
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